Consumer Products

Maintaining and financing adequate inventory is daunting, especially with long production time tables, high operating expenses, market saturation, and the rise of multichannel buying. That's why we offer secured structures with flexible maturities — to ease the product cycle so you can grow.

Hardware Technology

Whether you have a proof of concept prototype or need to finance and source a full inventory as part of a large purchase order, we can help obtain financing and optimize your supply chain operations.

Healthcare Services

We have creative and flexible solutions for every challenge you face, whether it is financing capital intensive equipment purchases, managing cashflow or repaying an unexpected recoupment from an insurer or government agency.

Software Development

Like many businesses, software developers often struggle with cashflow due to payment delays for large accounts receivable. However, without tangible assets or a strong patent portfolio, traditional bank financing can be impossible. Not with us. We understand and can help.

Media and Advertising

Effective management of the digital supply chain is essential and is one of the best ways to minimize external financing needs. We can help launch digital strategies without the need to commit to the major investment required to build digital content management and digital distribution platforms.

Our relationship, unlike traditional banks, is a true partnership because we only succeed when we invest in your success.