Founded to Solve the Small Business Financing Gap

We were founded in 2012 after our team of restructuring lawyers and business professionals noticed an increase in bankruptcy filings of small and medium sized businesses due to a lack of financing. We knew we could help.

Because of our experience restructuring and financing businesses, we are able to evaluate business risk more accurately than traditional lenders. And since we take a long-term approach to investing, we are willing to work with companies that traditional lenders would turn away.

Our goal is to keep businesses from being forced to close their doors simply because they do not have financing. Together with the businesses we serve and partner with, we are able to create a larger and stronger company with greater ability to compete in a growing industry and to provide better service to existing clients.

When your business has been denied financing despite strong fundementals, we can help. We treat every investment as a partnership and work with you to create the absolute best platform to grow. We will evaluate your business and propose a detailed plan of expansion at no cost — that is our first investment in you.

We have seen far too many extraordinary businesses struggle to adequately expand or respond to market pressure due to lack of access to capital or, worst of all, be denied financing due to an unexpected event such as litigation that is not actually as risky as traditional lenders estimate. Because we more accurately evaluate risk, we can help when others can't.