Private Equity Lending

Many of our clients are unable to access traditional sources of bank financing or are not yet at the scale necessary for other financing solutions. We work with our clients to overcome such limitations either by providing funds from our own asset pool or in conjunction with partners. Best of all, use of private equity creates a more flexible capital base for companies more in line with their specific needs, whether that is a bridge loan, debt financing or a hybrid debt and equity structure.

Asset-Based Lending

Your company might have financial strength that doesn't readily appear on a balance sheet, whether it is an extensive patent portfolio, robust accounts receivable or a talented team that may present an acquisition target. Our Asset-Based Lending solutions help you secure financing by leveraging your company's non-traditional but valuable assets. Our definition of asset-based lending is perhaps the broadest in the industry because we know how to unlock value in resources others dismiss.

Mezzanine Finance

Our Mezzanine Finance group provides middle-market companies with financing solutions designed to optimize their capital structure and help attain financial goals. This is particularly important for companies with existing financing in place that need access to additional capital but do not want to alter existing relationships.

Venture Capital

We invest in the full life cycle of venture-backed companies, from angel and seed stage to mature pre-IPO entities. When larger capital amounts are required, we can arrange syndicated structures. Unlike many investors, we are willing to invest in distressed venture-backed companies and will help restructure the existing capital and reframe existing operations.

We offer a full range of solutions, from private equity and venture capital to loan syndication and asset-based lending.