Comprehensive Business Support beyond Financing

Before we ever make an investment, we conduct industry and demographic research to ensure that our clients are on the cutting edge of industry practice and are operating in a manner consistent with and responsive to demographic trends.

We conduct interviews of employees and customers to identify issues with human resources and customer services in a proactive manner. We create detailed, long-term business proposals and financial projections to ensure the resources are in place to take advantage of every expansion opportunity.

Strength and Experience

Our team has extensive experience helping businesses solve the unique challenges they face.  For example, our team can create systems designed to improve billing practices, design procedures to improve hiring and retention, or create a plan to increase employee efficiency.

Perhaps most importantly, we provide the knowledge and resources to expand by creating a custom marketing plan to kickstart further growth. In all areas, we bring our wealth of business knowledge acquired through past experience in starting, managing, restructuring and advising businesses.

Access to capital only goes so far. A clear vision and effective execution are essential.

Areas of Focus

We strike a balance between providing our expert knowledge and relying on your experince, input and guidance. Our team works with you to determine the areas that would best be served by our counsel by investigating the potential strengths and weaknesses of your business. We often find that businesses need guidance in operations, talent management, strategy, technology, executive leadership, and sales.

Delivering Results

Our focus is on delivering results. Unlike other management consultants, we stay engaged after delivering our recommendations to clients and strive to form a true partnership with you to ensure execution and results. We put your needs first, and deliver recommendations — and results — that are specifically tailored to your evolving needs. We believe that our success is dependent on providing sufficent support to implement your vision.